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Social Justice in Action: Examples of Practice and Visions of the Future

Runtime - 54 minutes

Rebecca Toporek, Ph.D., Lawrence Gerstein, Ph.D., Gargi Roysircar, Ph.D., and Tania Israel, Ph.D. present at the 2006 Teachers College Annual Winter Roundtable at Columbia University.


Concrete illustrations of social justice interventions are presented for diverse settings-schools, health agencies, marginalized communities, career counseling, international work, and policy and legislation. injustice, oppression, and inequality present us with an array of possibilities for a modern practice that makes a difference to those in need. Students will encounter philosophical and ethical issues and learn practice specifics for a profession that needs to expand its awareness and action.

Toporek, Gerstein, Roysircar, and Israel - Social Justice in Action - DVD

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