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Native Implosion of a Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model

Runtime - 54 minutes
Rockey Robbins, Ph.D. presents at the 2011 Teachers College Annual Winter Roundtable at Columbia University.


Having interviewed a Native American Sun dancer four times about his racial/cultural identity development, Robbins and Hill analyze the resulting data in its relation to existing racial /cultural models. Upon seeing incongruities between the stages set forth by existing models and the stages that the participant discussed, the researchers use his stories to implode previously proposed stages. A Native American Developmental new model is created based on the data derived from the study. Though it is somewhat limited at this point, values that Native Americans value in general, such as circularity, humor and perseverance become the basis for future work on this model.

Rockey Robbins - Native Implosion of a Racial/Cultural Identity - DVD

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