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Dialogue Understanding of Healing, An Indigenous Healer and Western Psychology: A Case Study

Runtime - 52 minutes
Rockey Robbins, Ph.D. presents at the 2010 Teachers College Annual Winter Roundtable at Columbia University.

Western Psychology has rarely listened to, and much less integrated, Indigenous healers' perspectives about psychological illness and health. In his address, Dr. Robbins calls upon a case study with Inddigenous healer White Bear to give voice to his alternative views about diagnosis and treatment. White Bear argues for a "mobile" in-the-moment form of diagnosis and a "pause" where the mind ceases to tyrannize and we are no longer absorbed in our emotions. he contends that a healer can benefit from aligning him or herself with spirits who can help us to achieve the necessary states anonymity and non-judgement required for healing work. Throughout the study, theoretical and empirical findings in the field of Psychology are cited in an effort to support or question rather than validate or invalidate White Bear's mystical wisdom.

Rockey Robbins - Dialogue Understanding of Healing - DVD

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