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African American Education in a Hegemonic Society: Confronting the Challenge of Westernity

Runtime - 55 minutes

Molefi Kete Asante, Ph.D. presents at the 2008 Teachers College Annual Winter Roundtable at Columbia University.

The author of over 65 books and 300 articles, Dr. Asante is recognized as one of the most creative and important liberatory African American scholars. In this DVD, he argues that Eurocentric power structure prevents proper schooling of African American children. Eurocentricsm takes power at the center, with others at the margins. This sets up an 'us vs. them' system rather than a 'we' relationship. Counseling students will learn how to think about hegemony and power in the interview. We want students and clients owning knowledge and gaining agency. This presentation leads us all to empowerment, and responsibility.

Molefi Kete Asante - African American Education in a Hegemonic Society - DVD

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