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Cultural Validity of Hope: Facilitating PEAK Experiences in Community Partnerships

Runtime - 43 minutes
Michael Mobley, Ph.D. presents at the 2010 Teachers College Annual Winter Roundtable at Columbia University.


The "cultural validity of hope" is demonstrated through three programs designed to support and promote the empowerment of undeserved and marginalized individuals, families, communities, and organizations: (1) GEAR UP MU REACH Project, (2) Columbia PEAK Project, and (3) Community Engagement Committee within the Society of Counseling Psychology. Dr. Mobley describes the application of multiple theories including Self-Empowerment Theory and his PEAK - Promoting Empowerment & Affirmation via knowledge - philosophy as a means to empowering minds and transforming lives especially among Afican American adolescents and communities.

Michael Mobley - Cultural Validity of Hope - DVD

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