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Infusing the Psychology Curriculum with Ethnocultural Content: Truths, Half Truths, Anecdotes and the Role of Critical Thinking

Runtime - 52 minutes
Joseph Trimble, Ph.D. presents at the 2009 Teachers College Annual Winter Roundtable at Columbia University.

Joe Trimble is recognized as one of the key founders of multiculturalism. In his keynote address, he arguyes that incorporating culture and ethnicity into psychology courses is a matter of scientific and professional responsibility. We need to provide accurate and useful information about culture and ethnicity to avoid perpetuating harmful myths and stereotypes. Students will learn about several popular cultural examples that have been passed along as "truths" when in fact their validity is questionable. this DVD is excellent for all introductory psychology and counseling courses and any multicultural course.

Joseph Trimble - Infusing the Psychology Curriculum - DVD

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