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Lessons Learned: Understanding the Meaning of Internationalization of Counseling
Runtime - 45 minutes


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This video from the Teachers College 2012 Annual Winter Roundtable at Columbia University presents a lecture featuring Dr. Changming Duan, who discusses her understanding of counseling theories and practices in the United States and China.

Dr. Duan, an immigrant counseling psychologist, shares her experiences and observations of the internationalization movement in the field of counseling. Using the Chinese context and her personal experience as examples, she discusses the possibility of serious unintentional harm even good-willed people may cause in their international engagement. She sees the unshared "power" and the ethnocentrism embedded in our knowledge base as the key issues and argues that true internalization is not possible without power sharing.

Changming Duan - Understanding the Meaning of Internationalization - DVD

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